Long-term short-term parking with Matlab

note1= sprintf(‘Choose between Parking options below:\nEnter 1 for Long Term parking. (Economy for more than 1 hour)\nEnter 2 for short term parking.’);
choice=input(‘Enter your choice, 1 or 2:’);

% Input verifier for choice
while (choice~=1) && (choice~=2)
choice=input(‘You should choose between 1 and 2.Enter your choice, 1 or 2:’);

note2= sprintf(‘Next please select weeks days hours minutes you parked your car.’);
week=input(‘Number of week(s):’);
day=input(‘Number of day(s):’);
hour=input(‘Number of hour(s):’);
minute=input(‘Number of minute(s):’);


% Time input verifier
while (totaltimeminutes < 0) note3= sprintf('Your time inputs have some errors. Next please select weeks days hours minutes you parked your car.'); disp(note3) week=input('Number of week(s):'); day=input('Number of day(s):'); hour=input('Number of hour(s):'); minute=input('Number of minute(s):'); totaltimeminutes=week*7*24*60+day*24*60+hour*60+minute; end parkcalculator(choice,totaltimeminutes);