A world without money

Try to imagine a world without money; A world that doesn’t use money at all: no banks, no cash, no debts, no bills and no money of any kind whatsoever. What do you see? Let me guess. Maybe you think societies will completely break down, people will steal from each other, even maybe people will kill each other to survive. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. A moneyless world is operating on a gift economy. A gift economy means people give and receive freely instead of paying for things. This might seem unimaginable , however, a moneyless world already exists all around us. For instance, a bear needs a fish, a bear takes a fish. But, it never takes more than it needs, and that’s a very critical point.

In my opinion, we’re a community of humans and if we can all rely on one another, than no one has to struggle for basic necessities or suffer from poverty. Moreover, money is not just a medium of exchange no longer in our current social system. Money leads to capitalism. Prices reflects social valuse and people judge each other from their economy class.

However, gift economy system in practice isn’t as easy as in theory. For example, Sometimes you might not want to exchange a product for another product. So, things get spoiled and, hence, saving will rarely be possible. Also, in some cases transfering maybe difficult; Imagine you are going to buy an opera ticket and the cashier asks you for 1 kg of wheat, How could you carry that much of wheat?

To sum up, does a moneyless lifestyle work in a global scale? It would be a massive transition but perhaps one day all humans will live in a fair style, escape from showing off and will not have money to burn.